Mitigating indoor air pollution using air purifiers

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences. Founded in 2019, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts have worked tirelessly to bring Klind Air to the forefront of the industry.

In order to provide excellent solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and our users’ habits and motives. We have, and will continue to work tirelessly to become the technological standard, providing big picture insights which industry leaders not only approve of, but also depend on. Get in touch to learn more.


Welcome to Klind  Air

Our Journey

At Klind Air, we believe that clean and safe air should be a necessity to everyone towards an inclusive and successful future. We aim at minimizing chances of contracting respiratory diseases, by solving indoor air pollution through affordable, efficient and easy-to-use air purifiers.


Klind Air was founded in April, 2019 by Kenaz Otieno and David Ngamau. Our team of five Tonny Olela, Patrah Gichobi, Caroline Wamuyu, Kenaz  and David is driven by our core values; professionalism, creativity, integrity and commitment. We are passionate towards achieving a healthy and clean environment to all, through clean air.

Klind Air participated in the 2020 Hult Prize Global Challenge and won the Nairobi Regionals against 350 global entrepreneurs and was invited to participate in the Accelerator Program to be held in Ashridge Castle, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom tentatively in December 2020 pending confirmation. Due to the COVID crisis, The Hult Prize Accelerator program was subdivided into two phases.


The first phase (The Pre-Accelerator program) being conducted virtually. The final phase (Scale-up) is expected to be held in the United Kingdom during the months of December, 2020 to January, 2021.


Hult Prize is a global movement that crowd-sources ideas from University and College students by challenging them to solve pressing social issues. The former United States President Bill Clinton poses a new challenge for students to tackle innovatively each year. The 2020 Challenge was about building bold businesses that have positive impact on the planet with every dollar earned and decision made.


The competition starts with an On Campus program held in over 100, 000 universities all over the world; where winning teams proceed to the Regionals held in over 25 different cities across the globe.


Regional winners then proceed to a 5-8 weeks incubation program called the Accelerator in United Kingdom, from which the top 6 finalist teams will pitch for USD$ 1 Million in startup funding at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Klind Air also is participating in the LakeHub in partnership with Siemens Stiftung Incubation Program spanning Six months in Kenya. This was pave way for more networks, learning and marketing and a boost to the teams’ vision.

Through this programs and local networks Klind Air has found Potential partners such as Liquid Telecom, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC), LEA Clients Services and Africa Plantation Capital.


Our Team

Get to Know Us

Our passion for creating meaningful change for clients is what sets us apart. The Klind Air team believes in the potential of our great idea, and it truly shows in all of our work. We work tirelessly in order to bring you a better tomorrow, and we’re proud of every single member of staff. To learn more about the incredible Klind Air team, please have a look below.

If you want to learn more about our amazing team members, get in touch.


Kenaz Otieno

Team Lead

An Impact centered business person who is always looking for the next big challenge, Kenaz Otieno has been with us since starting our company. With his passion and expertise, Kenaz has managed to take our startup to new highs and achieve growth.

News About Klind Air

Branding and Fund-raising

It takes the right people to get the job done. Our team is privileged to collaborate with Bedjos Solutions that specializes in branding to get all our items on check that will be used in marketing and fundraising i.e t-shirts and mugs 

At Klind air we believe in supporting local businesses and in the process learn how best to attend to our customers needs.


We take pride on how far our dedication and team work has paid off. 

Financial capital is essential for any company and we are not exceptional. Branded materials from Klind air is one of the ways through which we fund raise our start up

We appreciate everyone who has participated in our fundraising. Indeed no man is an island and each persons contribution to make our vision of having clean air for everyone come true, is much appreciated. 




Media Features


Alpha and Caro live interview session on NTV Kenya talking about indoor air pollution and how we as Klind Air have developed solutions for the poor air quality

IMG-20201026-WA0006 (1).jpg

NTV Kenya live session with Klind Air


Alpha and Tonny Olela featured on Switch Tv Kenya desplaying an illustration of how polluted indoor air is cleaned.


Switch Tv Kenya live featuring Klind air

Tonny Olela featured on Metropol Tv Kenya. He had the opportunity to talk about how essential clean air is to our health and productivity.


Switch TV interview featuring Klind air