Indoor air pollution poses a threat to our future generation. With the gradual increase of polluted indoor spaces, the unborn fetus may have a risk of not seeing the real world and the mother may not get a chance to see her beautiful baby and wrap them in her arms. Miscarriage is one of the most sensitive topics that the current society tries as much to overlook while it causes emotional distress for couples and victims of loss to their unborn baby. It’s a menace that most people choose to keep it a secret and burry it in the grave just so that they do not be looked with eyes of pity, or even at worse, not to be considered as an outcast or ‘cursed’.

It is often warned that expectant ladies are to avoid drinking, heavy lifting and smoking. Most do an exquisite job not to jeopardize their pregnancy but sometimes it does not work out well with them. Most women who get miscarriages are often in their first trimester and get no chance to even know the gender of their unborn. It’s a traumatic experience that causes fear of trying to get another baby only to be met with another disappointment. It is yet to be known what exactly causes the miscarriage as there as several factors that contribute. This may be as a result of infection, exposure to environmental and work place hazard such as high level of radiation/ toxic agents and hormonal irregularities. When a fetus is exposed to such from the mother, it causes oxidative stress and inflammation that leads to the death of the unborn. With this, comes the topic of indoor air pollution.

Consider that more than half of Kenya’s population has little or no knowledge about indoor air pollution. This poses a threat to expectant mothers who are working hard to make ends meet. Recently, it was reported that Syokimau residents have a difficult time performing their day to day activities because of the air conditions that have been compromised by the adjacent factories to their place of resident. The industries around Athi River in Machakos country also cause a negative impact to the citizens living and working in these industrial sites. The Nitrogen dioxide and small dust particles not only affect the respiratory system, but also increases pregnancy risks by 16% and lead to pre-mature deaths.

Often times expectant ladies are advised not to take tobacco or any type of drugs except the one prescribed by the doctor? Well, turns out that living in polluted environments is linked to smoking. Yes, it is true to say that nothing good comes from polluted environments. Not even for the little one who is yet to experience life. It’s about that time we get back to the drawing board and take the right measures to ensure that mothers and their unborn are safe from the cruelty that pollution inflicts.

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